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Knights of Degen Welcomes Players Only NFT for Next Chapter

June 15, 2022

It’s our pleasure to officially open the KOD Kingdom gates to the Players Only NFT community. As the premiere home for sports & entertainment in Web3, Knights of Degen is working with Michael Carter-Williams to benefit Players Only holders within the KOD Kingdom ecosystem, and offer a subsidized on-ramp to formally join the Knights of Degen community as a Knight NFT holder.

A snapshot of Players Only NFT holders was taken on June 14 at 4:05pm ET.

Here’s how it works:

$DGEN Token

  • Players Only NFTs will be eligible to claim $DGEN (Knights of Degen’s upcoming token). The snapshot for this future distribution has already been taken.

Knights of Degen NFTs at Mint Price

  • Players Only NFT holders will be provided an opportunity to buy a Knight NFT claim pass at the original mint price of 0.088 ETH, a substantial discount to the current market price subsidized by the Players Only treasury.
  • This offers a low-cost entry into Knights of Degen matching KOD’s original ETH mint price. This offer is exclusive to Player’s Only NFT holders that were not yet a Knights of Degen NFT holder at time of snapshot.
  • On purchase, holders will receive a claim pass. This claim pass will represent a randomly assigned Knight from our existing collection of 8,888 Knights of Degen NFTs. There is no increase of supply. The Knights available through the claim pass are being acquired from secondary and from deals we’ve worked out with select KOD holders to support new Knight growth (as of this time only ~160 Knights are available for sale on OpenSea). These Knights will be held in a vault until execution.
  • Those with a claim pass will be randomly assigned a Knight NFT from this allotment in the vault wallet! And will be able to experience the reveal fun all over again. We will live-stream and record the distribution process for fun and fairness.
  • 1 claim pass available for purchase per Players Only NFT holder wallet.
  • Details and timing on how to purchase and claim will be shared soon.
  • The best way to receive important KOD information is to: follow us on Twitter, join our Discord and sign up for our text/email alerts.

To our Knights of Degen community, we believe the Players Only community to be filled with like-minded degens looking to enjoy a first-class fan experience in Web3. We are not here to continue on Players Only NFT. We are here to welcome the PO community into the KOD Kingdom to enjoy similar, athlete-oriented experiences and opportunities, and provide value to them from their original purchase of PO as ongoing members of our community. As a Knights of Degen holder, you can expect our fan-experiences, including Discord and IRL hangouts with professional athletes and access to sports and entertainment events, to continue, as we’ve delivered since our launch last September. Michael Carter-Williams is joining Knights of Degen to continue his work in Web3 with support from the KOD team and infrastructure.

To the Players Only community unfamiliar with Knights of Degen, we’re a sports and entertainment membership-driven community, consisting of like-minded degens, bettors, speculators and entrepreneurs.

  • We own sports teams in leagues like Fan Controlled Football and Wagmi United
  • Run frequent holder-contests (prize ex: free trip to 2023 Kentucky Derby)
  • Throw IRL parties and athlete networking events
  • Build brands around food and beverages (Degen Sauce with Popchew and Saucy Brewery collab beer)
  • Provide A-list athlete access in our Discord
  • Run our KOD Media network
  • Host community-led daily Poker tournaments (prize ex: free WSOP entry)
  • We’re launching a DAO with an upcoming token for community contributions called $DGEN
  • And much more!

Just this week, we’re hosting a freeroll U.S. Open Championship pick ’em pool for holders, we’re welcoming a celebrity guest to our Discord tomorrow knight to hang out with us for Game 6 of the NBA Finals and are looking forward to seeing some of you next week during NFT NYC at our Monday Knight Party.

As shared before, we’ve extended an invitation to the Players Only community to attend our Monday Knight Party at NFT NYC. If you’d like to join us, please RSVP here & select Players Only NFT as your community: https://lu.ma/NFTNYCMondayKnightParty