Degen Sports Art Gallery

Degen Sports Art Gallery (DSAG) is a platform for curating established and up-and-coming artists and their works to celebrate sports in the Digital Art World. DSAG plans to introduce selected artworks across a wide range of digital art marketplaces as well as IRL exhibitions and events. An abundance of sports-related NFTs entered the market through gaming and collectibles, yet there is a lack of representation of sports in the NFT Art World. Led by Knights of Degen and Drew Austin, co-founder of KOD and Founding Partner of Red Beard Ventures - a web3 investment fund, DSAG will introduce and highlight these artists to a new collector base made up of active NFT investors and sports fans.

Join us Friday, December 2nd, 9:30pm — 1:30am ET, to celebrate the launch of Degen Sports Art Gallery. Hosted by Knights of Degen — a Web3 sports & competitive entertainment community, and sponsored by Red Beard Ventures, Rally Rd and Float Financial. The party will take place at a private waterfront estate on Venetian Islands. Invite only, address will be released upon confirmation of your RSVP.

​The debut release will launch on Manifold and will include Artists such as Philippe Sheraf, Adam Port, Nicolas Bets, Blake Jamieson, Ben Mosley and more, selling 1:1 and or limited edition works, with many more art releases to come in the months ahead. ​RSVP does not guarantee admission to the event. We will send confirmation to those approved for the guest list once we are closer to the event.​ Names will be checked at the door.

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Philippe Sheraf

Philippe is a photographer and a filmmaker based in Montpellier, France.

Over his  career, Philippe has experimented with many genres and many technics in order to find his way. Photography is a long journey and you learn all your life.

Founder of Olo Art with Vincent Saturnin, Philippe wanted to push his work to another dimension and add an immersive experience to it, using Augmented Reality. The concept is to give users poetic moments by doing pop-up exhibitions at unusual places such as airports…

El Rokk

El Rokk is a graphic designer, digital artist, photo manipulator and comic artist born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has been in the art industry since I was 22 years old and have been involved in the art scene for over 13 years.

Before becoming a freelancer, El Rokk used to work for a corporate company which involved doing advertisements for certain mobile companies, cinema advertisings and many more.  In 2020,  he began his journey in the NFT world with his partner Vangeli and was accepted in SUPERRARE in January 2021.

Nicolas Bets

Nicolas Bets arrives in Paris from his native Belgium at 17, to become, like his mother, a photographer. He graduated after only one year in photography school. During seven years, he attends to great names in the profession, such as Claus Wickrath and Jean-Daniel Lorieux.

His photographs, that always have a touch of spring, mainly illustrate the woman from an unexpected and offbeat angle. Nicolas Bets' work brings a real freshness to the world of fashion photography and the result is a carefully choreographed scenography and real spontaneity at the same time.

Each of his photographs is an invitation to lightness, an ode to colours and show a true mastery of photography sessions: from the studios to the desert, from the swimming pool to the interiors Nicolas Bets' playground has no borders.

Adam Lister

Hailing from New York, Adam's style features a pixelated aesthetic which he has used to profile some of the biggest legends in the sports world.

Ben Mosley

Renowned for his live paintings and murals, UK artist Ben Mosley champions the universal values found within strong communities within his paintings. With an expressionist style  influenced by Picasso and Matisse, Ben uses vivid colours and angular, gestural brushwork and builds form through the exaggeration of shape and pattern to express the emotion of the moment.

Blake Jamieson

Named Topp's Sports Artist of the Year in 2021, Blake's art is in the collections of Howie Mandel, Gary Vaynerchuk, Rick Harrison, and over 250 professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLS, MLB, NHL, and PLL. His art has also been purchased for international private collections, including in Spain, Canada, Dubai, Australia, and Switzerland.

Blake is also a co-founder and lead artist of Knights of Degen.

Adam Port

Heir-apparent to the great modern masters of photorealist portraiture, Adam Port first burst on the art scene back in 2000 when he was discovered by a New York Knicks photographer and quickly earned a prestigious licensing agreement with the NBA. Today Port reigns as one of the nation’s premier artists, with a clientele that has included other influential entities like the Basketball Hall of Fame and Elvis Presley Enterprises, along with A-list stars like Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, and Ray Lewis.

Frank Wilder

Frank was born on earth from far away in another dimension. Some years ago he discovered a portal, leading to none other than Wilder World. Sending him and the Wilders on a never-ending story of interdimensional rescue missions to other worlds in danger.