Fight Knight UFC 283 Tournament

Tournament Details

Summary: Participate in the first DGEN UFC Contest. Any bets placed on UFC 283 will be used to calculate ROI. The individuals with the highest ROI during UFC 283 will be rewarded.
Entry Fee: Free
Entries: xx/Unlimited
Max Entries Per User: 1
Total Prizes: 5,000 DGEN
Sport: UFC
Bet Type: All (including props)
Timing: Bets placed between Sunday 1/15 1:00am ET and Sunday 1/22 at 3am ET wi be counted. All entrants must have entered the tournament before 5:00pm ET to be eligible.
Tiebreaker 1: Total Number of Bets Placed
Tiebreaker 2: Total Bet Amount Wagered
Terms & Conditions
Subject to these Official Rules, Knights of Degen Inc reserves the right to modify, change or cancel the contest or portion of the contest, as the case may be, as determined by Knights of Degen Inc. All prizes will be distributed at a future date determined by Knights of Degen Inc. Payout details are available in the table above. The start time is subject to change. This Pool will payout in DGEN. Max 1 entry per unique users. Users who attempt to use the same sportsbook on separate accounts will be disqualified. You may use multiple sportsbooks per entry. Tiebreaker is your total number of bets placed, followed by total bet amount wagered.