Mint a Bracket. Win DGEN*.

The ERC-20 token that powers Web3 competitive entertainment.

Create a Tournament - We'll Fund Your Prize Pool

- Create a tournament and choose DGEN as a payment currency
- Invite your community and get 10+ entries
- We'll add 1,000 DGEN to your prize pool

Earn DGEN & NFTs

DGEN* is an ERC-20 governance, utility, and rewards token. DGEN* is the currency that will power our upcoming RPG and suite of competitive entertainment games.

Knights of Degen NFTs are the keys to the most exclusive realms of the kingdom.

   - Token-Gated Betting Alpha
   - Exclusive rewards, airdrops, events and access
   - Exclusive NFT ownership and commercial usage rights

Create or join a pool

All brackets and results stored on-chain

Invite your friends

Claim bragging rights in your group chat


On-chain brackets delivered in a native mobile app.

Win a VIP experience
for the 2024 Final Four

Join our annual Degen Bracket Challenge for a chance to win your share of a prize pool featuring tickets to the 2024 Final Four, Knights of Degen NFTs, and our ERC-20 token, DGEN*.

*DGEN is temporarily non-transferrable.