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240 Participants, 20 Divisions in Inaugural KFFL $25k GPP Fantasy Tournament: Week 1 KFFL Recap

September 15, 2022

With Week 1 of the NFL season closing out of our rear-view mirror, we’re excited to share that we had 240 Knights register for the inaugural KFFL (Knights Fantasy Football League), accounting for 20 Divisions!

If you’re unfamiliar, the KFFL is our Knights-only fantasy league with a $25k GPP and $10k 1st place prize. The top 4 teams in each Division will advance to the playoffs (weeks 15–17) where they’ll compete in a points-race format for the Top 5 prize pool. Top points finisher across all Divisions each week is awarded $300. And each Division winner will take home a Steedz NFT. Full details can be found here.

Thank You, Sir Joe Candy!

We’d first like to recognize the legend Sir Joe Candy for organizing all the Divisions and individual draft schedules across all 240 participants. The KFFL wouldn’t have been possible without you, Joe! All of the Kingdom appreciates you!

Week 1 KFFL Highlights

Top Scorers

Our top scorer of Week 1, across all Divisions, was none other than Truth & Goblintown Co-founder, Alex Taub. Congrats to Alex on his $300 prize. Let’s see if you can match it in Week 2.

Perfect Lineups

5 teams executed perfect lineups — meaning they started the correct players maximizing their potential points performance. Shoutout to the best GM’s in the KFFL Week 1.

And now… for the peasant awards

Lowest Scores

Tough scene for our lowest points scores across all Divisions with the official “winner” being TEAM DENNISREYNOLDSO with only 59.87 points.

Worst GM’s

And now to celebrate our friends who may want to update their projections sources, because something definitely didn’t go right last week. Introducing the worst graded GM’s by Sleeper across all Divisions.

KFFL Merch

To celebrate the KFFL, we’ve also launched some special-edition KFFL merch that you’ll find on our site. No better way to rep the best fantasy football competition in Web3.


Don’t forget to set those lineups for Week 2 ahead of tonight’s showdown between the Chiefs & Chargers.

As always, come hang with us in our #nfl channel in Discord for every NFL game.

And mark your calendars for next Monday as we welcome back KOD favorite Chris Johnson, aka CJ2K, for our Monday Knight Football Watch Party Q&A — where we’ll also be kicking off the festivities for Dapper’s NFT Day.

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