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Knights of Degen Co-founder Drew Austin joins Own The Moment’s Podcast

May 19, 2022

Our co-founder Drew Austin sat down with Own The Moment NFT for their most recent podcast episode where he talks about the founding story of Knights of Degen and the vision for its future.

Episode 2 features Drew Austin, Managing Partner at RedBeard Ventures and Co-founder of the Knights of Degen NFT project. Drew’s journey into crypto and NFTs can be described as, EARLY! As someone who purchased Bitcoin with cold-hard cash, Drew provides an incredible story about his journey into NFTs, building a dynamic team that includes community muscle, and the future of immersive Web3 experiences. From one massive sports fan to another, Web3 brought about an opportunity to marry personal hobbies and passions with the creation of real value and you can tell how passionate Drew is about this opportunity.

Listen here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/drew-austin-knights-of-degen-highs-and-lows-of-nfts-e2/id1551179321?i=1000562349071

Highlight Quotes:

“What we’ve realized is, one of the most common traits of our community is this entrepreneurial spirit. And although we have these interests in sports and speculation at the foundation, it’s really that speculation trait. There’s a common trait between speculators and entrepreneurs — which is a willingness to take risks and a willingness to bet on themselves. And I think that’s what we’ve found is this common characteristics amongst our audience. We started opening up each of our projects and initiatives to community participation to really build out our decentralized muscle and the participation levels have been through the roof...”

“This platform that we’re building is supposed to be meant for people to be able to leverage their skills in a variety of ways, participate and contribute to doing work that they love, and then earn from that work. That’s the whole foundational pillar of what we’re doing here, and that’s why, to me, it’s all about the more of these opportunities and platforms we create, the more opportunities it gives people to contribute.”