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Knights of Degen Expands Metaverse Conquest with Sandbox Kingdom

February 3, 2022

Knights of Degen is expanding its metaverse conquests as an official web3 partner with The Sandbox Game.

Birthed in 2021, Knights of Degen is developing a sports and entertainment empire in web3. As such, we are creating a substantial presence in the metaverse acquiring land across multiple decentralized-platforms. The Sandbox Game represents our second major play in the space, following our earlier partnership announcement with Wilder World.

There are 3 core missions for the development of our Sandbox Kingdom:

Degen Arena: P2E Gaming Arena

Knights of Degen characters will be able to compete in a variety of competitive games and tournaments for prizes.

Degen Tavern: Sandbox Sports Bar

A social environment where we will host events, organize activities and introduce unique partnerships to bring our community together in The Sandbox metaverse.

Knights Quarters: Living Space for Knights

Knights need a place to rest in our Kingdom after long days of competing and earning. We plan to build living quarters for Knights, with residences available for knight holders to procure their own space in our kingdom.

Most importantly, our Sandbox kingdom offers yet another platform to create with our community. This partnership provides many opportunities for Knights participation. Who knows? Maybe the next great web3 business will be built by a Knight in our Sandbox Kingdom.

Knights of Degen NFT’s offer utility in a multitude of ways, including — ownership and control of sports franchises including our Fan Controlled Football Team, a community-governed King’s Purse holding sports-related and utility-focused NFTs, and participation in a decentralized media network in-development in partnership with the KOD community.

Our partnership with The Sandbox Game expands our metaverse empire.

We look forward to building & winning together.

#kgmi ⚔️