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Knights of Degen Partners With One of None and ICE for Hybrid NFT Arcade Machine

August 25, 2022

It’s game time for the official online release for the KOD GAME TIME PRO!!

This iconic collab between ICE, One of None and Knights of Degen bridges the gap between the web2 and web3 worlds like never before. This custom Game Time Pro features artwork designed by lead artist Blake Jamieson unique to the Knights of Degen community, including each of The Roundtable Team and Advisor’s PFP’s as well as the iconic Degen Tavern.

ICE brings decades of expertise as a pioneer in the gaming industry in collaboration with Knights of Degen, the most prominent sports & gaming community in web3, to make this one-of-a-kind work of art.

Available now via One of None’s Vault, a lucky buyer can purchase this hybrid NFT and chose to either keep the KOD Game Time Pro game vaulted, or redeem the physical game to be shipped to a destination. Either way, you’ll be able to flex the digital NFT in your wallet.


Last night, we had One of None co-founder DeShone Kizer on Knight Shift to discuss our partnership with One of None and today’s online release of the KOD Game Time Pro.

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