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Knights of Degen Weekly Updates: Week of 3/28

March 30, 2022

Welcome to the Knights of Degen weekly updates. Here’s a taste of what’s going on in the Kingdom this week:

Degen Bracket Challenge

We’re down to the Final Four! With over 4,000 brackets minted for the Degen Bracket Challenge, here are some fun stats:

  • Only 3 brackets have perfect Final Fours
  • 1,586 brackets have perfectly incorrect final fours
  • 1,249 brackets had Gonzaga winning
  • 601 brackets had Arizona winning
  • 398 brackets have Kansas winning and are still possible
  • 238 brackets have Duke winning
  • 164 brackets have Villanova winning
  • Only 11 brackets have North Carolina winning

This week is what we like to refer to as the “Degen Period” — a time for speculation and placing your bets for the best chance to win. Bracket busted? Go buy a better one of secondary!

Want a chance to win over 40 ETH of NFT prizes? You view the leaderboard brackets to place bids here.

And check out the 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place prize pool wallets to see what you can win!

As a reminder, 100% of proceeds from secondary sales will be donated to Ukraine.

And we’re accepting direct donations! Every wallet that donates .025E or more will be airdropped a custom NFT as a thank you from the Knights of Degen team. This NFT will play a role in the Kingdom

ETH address to direct donate: 0xd1aE4aF39262584a57B5B94058f86ac4AfBc4944

Steedz Week: 4/11–4/15

Steedz are coming!

4/12 — Mint

4/15 — Reveal (and Steedz Reveal party)

In partnership with ZED Run, they’ll be hosting races all week long with Knights of Degen NFTs as top prizes. And then on Friday, 4/15, we’re throwing an IRL party in Atlanta, GA to celebrate Steedz reveal and host a LIVE Knights of Degen ZED race.

More details to come soon.

Fan Controlled Football: Opening Weekend

Alongside our Steedz Reveal party in ATL, we’re excited to gather for the Knights of Degen FCF opening game against Bored Ape FC on Saturday, 4/16.

Knights of Degen will be comping tickets for our holders to attend Game 1. More details will be shared soon on this process.

If you’re able to join us for either, or both, of these events, please respond here in Discord.

Footium: Creet Town F.C.

Our community is always rocking with fun stuff, and this past week was no exception. We now own a Footium team that will be managed by a new Community Committee.

Footium is a live, global multiplayer game where football managers run an NFT football club and compete to climb up the football pyramid. Think of it as a crossover between FIFA Career Mode and NFTs, with the teams living on the blockchain.

Our team’s name is Creet Town F.C. Make sure to follow our team’s Twitter account, and join the Discord channel (must be a Knight to access), to keep up with all the exciting moves!