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Knights of Degen Welcomes DinoMonks Community Bringing Mental Fitness to the KOD Kingdom

August 3, 2022

Knights of Degen welcomes DinoMonks to join the KOD Kingdom, to continue the goal of promoting and supporting mental fitness.

As Degens, it’s important that we prioritize mental fitness. We know it’s in our nature to possess a high risk tolerance, which can lead to wider swings of success and emotion. Whether you’re experiencing a cold streak, got rekt or just want to degen more responsibility — winning together includes doing good. And through DinoMonks, we’re excited to embrace the cause of mental fitness and positive wellbeing for our KOD community.

Since DinoMonk’s mint we have been fans of their mission: “to contribute a sanctuary in the Metaverse that people find solace in, no matter what species they are.” We are excited to support and promote that initiative of mental fitness and continue our efforts of onboarding NFT communities with shared values into the KOD Kingdom.

DinoMonks recognized they can reach a larger Web3 audience with their message and create more value for their holders by absorbing their community into Knights of Degen. Knights of Degen is working with DinoMonks to continue their mission within the KOD Kingdom ecosystem, and offer a subsidized on-ramp for DinoMonks NFT holders to formally join the Knights of Degen community as a Knight NFT holder.

In partnership with KOD Media, Peace Inside co-founders Shira Lazar and Jordana Reim, will be producing content geared for our Knights of Degen community. Shira is an Emmy-nominated host and interviewer covering social media, culture, Web3 and wellness. Her content focuses on informing, inspiring and empowering the world to take action in their lives, and is infused with her own style of positivity and humor.

Activations will include:

  • Mindfulness sessions — talks or guided meditations
  • Twitter Spaces and Discord hangouts with Shira Lazar and Jordana Reim
  • Creation of Mental Fitness channel in KOD Discord. All DinoMonks holders will have access for the first 90 Days after we open the Claim Pass option. The wellness experiences curated specifically for the Web3 community by Peace Inside Live’s network of expert facilitators will continue.

$DGEN Token

  • DinoMonks NFTs will be eligible to claim $DGEN (Knights of Degen’s upcoming token). The snapshot for this future distribution has already been taken. A snapshot for this future distribution was taken August 3, 2022, at 1:20pm ET.

Knights of Degen NFTs at Mint Price

  • DinoMonks NFT holders will be provided an opportunity to buy a Knight NFT claim pass at the original mint price of 0.088 ETH, a substantial discount to the current market price subsidized by the DinoMonks treasury.
  • This offers a low-cost entry into Knights of Degen matching KOD’s original ETH mint price. This offer is exclusive to DinoMonks NFT holders that were not yet a Knights of Degen NFT holder at time of snapshot.
  • Upon purchase, holders will receive a claim pass. This claim pass will represent a randomly assigned Knight from our existing collection of 8,888 Knights of Degen NFTs. There is no increase of supply. The Knights available through the claim pass are being acquired from secondary and from deals we’ve worked out with select KOD holders to support new Knight growth (as of this time only ~213 Knights are available for sale on OpenSea). These Knights will be held in a vault until execution.
  • Those with a claim pass will be randomly assigned a Knight NFT from this allotment in the vault wallet! And will be able to experience the reveal fun all over again. We will live-stream and record the distribution process for fun and fairness.
  • 1 claim pass available for purchase per DinoMonks NFT holder wallet.
  • Details and timing on how to purchase and claim will be shared soon.
  • The best way to receive important KOD information is to: follow us on Twitter, join our Discord and sign up for our text/email alerts.

From the DinoMonks Team:

“DinoMonks main focus has always been about bringing mental health utility to Web3. Shifting the narrative from the highs and lows of trading to a more sustainable headspace is what we are passionate about. The Knights of Degen welcoming us to their Kingdom offers us a unique opportunity to bring wellness to a bustling community, backed by incredible founders. As part of the Kingdom, our mission remains the same and we’re excited to have our community be part of such an awesome project.”

Tomorrow night we will be hosting a spaces along with the DinoMonks team starting at 9pm ET: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1rmGPgoEXPjKN

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