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Roadmap 2.0

February 11, 2022

Knights of Degen Roadmap 2.0

This past September, we launched Knights of Degen to establish a community of sports and NFT fans in Web3. A community we hoped would value the term Degen, the same way we do, with an appreciation for risk, competition, friendship, humor, and generally — a zest for life.

We are proud of the past few months, with our execution of our 1.0 roadmap (which you can review at the bottom of this post). What has surprised us on the upside — is just about everything. The community has exceeded all our expectations. We’re having more fun than expected, while working harder. And the opportunity for the Knights of Degen brand is massive.

And so we enter the next phase with a new mission for the Knights of Degen:

To build a community-led Sports and Entertainment Kingdom in the metaverse.

As we enter this new phase, The Roundtable is proud to share our vision for the year ahead. Roadmap 2.0 is our 2022 blueprint for Knights of Degen. And while it would be pretty Degen to just publish a fire graphic, we felt it was important to provide context for each initiative.

Roadmap 2.0

Degen Land

Knights of Degen has ambitious goals for establishing our Kingdom in the metaverse as the Web3 destination to enjoy sports, compete and bet. Degen Land will include our Degen Tavern, Degen Arena and Degen Gallery. We will activate these concepts across best-in-class digital worlds, including, but not limited to, Wilder World and the Sandbox.

Degen Tavern — The preferred destination for all to kick back, watch sports, and place a bet. Knights enjoy special privileges. The first Degen Tavern will be opened in partnership with our frens at Wilder World.

Degen Arena — The home for tournament format competition. You might see a joust. You might see a beer pong tourney. You might play. You might just watch. But you always compete. The Arena will be a forum for competitions amongst Knights, Steedz, and partner communities. We recently announced our partnership with Sandbox.

Knights Living Quarters Housing for our Knight holders to live inside the Kingdom.

Degen Gallery — An event space to showcase the art, music, and entertainment of the Kingdom and our partners.

Knights Metaverse Ready 3D Knights are coming…Whether it is vox or Wiami style — you will soon be free to move across the metaverse.

Characters & Lore

A wise Degen once said, Knights of Degen “is a mash-up of Game of Thrones and the NFL.” We’ll take it. Characters and lore is where we’ll develop the story of the Kingdom, introducing new medieval and futuristic characters alongside the Knights. Each new character will write the next chapter of our story, deliver unique capabilities, and carve their niche in the Kingdom. We will approach character development the way a great television series approaches each new episode and season, always looking to improve and innovate. We’re excited about the new formats available to share the story, and to imbed the community in the creative process.

You can expect initiatives such as comic books, digital short stories, games, and animated series as avenues we explore to expand our IP universe.

Knights Lore: Vol 1

KoD will begin sharing the story of our lore, with greater depth than ever before, with a special edition NFT series. Get your popcorn ready.


The next character of the Kingdom. Steedz elevates the capabilities of the Knights with speed and access. But don’t mistake Steedz for simple companions, for they are their own community within the Kingdom with capabilities unlike any other, and can often be found placing their own bets at the Degen Tavern, if not competing head-to-head in the Degen Arena. Those who hold Knights and Steedz, will be rewarded with enhanced speed and strength. Steedz will come roaring out of the gate in March. (There will be a specific communication sent on Steedz in the coming weeks with more detail on Steedz benefits and drop format.)

DAO & Token

Though these are separate initiatives with independent tracks of development, the Token and DAO will be intrinsically linked, and so it’s useful to describe them together. The goal of the DAO is to empower the community to build the Knights of Degen Kingdom. The goal of the token is to enable the DAO, acting as the currency of the Kingdom, while offering substantial utility to holders. The DAO will be rolled out in phases over time, this year and beyond, while the token will be released this summer.

Token Pending

The token will i) enable voting, ii) act as our currency, and iii) enable utility within the Kingdom and partner properties. Our goal remains to launch a token that is legal, lasting and transformative. Towards the end of 2021, we brought Ashbury Legal (supports Gutter Cat Gang) and LimeChain (supports Universe XYZ) to assist in our efforts. We are purposefully over-indexing our investment in this area of the business in order to ensure success. Whitepaper to come. But know — all characters, tiers, and contributors to the Kingdom will be rewarded for their loyalty to the crown.

And what will our token be called? Well, after much deliberation, we have decided there is nothing more appropriate than… $DGEN! Stay tuned for updates on our $DGEN token progress.

DAO Framework

The Knights of Degen DAO will provide the community with the opportunity to vote on key areas of the business, including but not limited to metaverse expansion, character and lore development, partnerships, and contests and events. The goal is for community input to cut across the entire Kingdom.

The DAO will command the use of funds from the King’s Purse. We want to aggressively expand the way we think about community ownership and the use of funds today.

The King’s Purse belongs to the community. If it’s legal, the Roundtable will get out of the way. We encourage the community to think broadly about how to invest. While we’re excited about continuing to build a best-in-class vault of utility-driven NFTs, there is so much more we can do! Does a Knight want to launch a podcast? Does a Knight want to host a game-watch event in Tampa? Does a Knight want to commission an art project? Does a Knight want to enter a training regimen to be the best player on the field in FCF?? The King’s Purse, in our view, should look to enhance the experience for all Knights, and provide an opportunity for our community to flourish.

We are very proud to have launched Knights of Degen with a core DAO component from Day 1, the King’s Purse. We’re equally proud, and incredibly thankful, for the second component, the recently introduced Community Council. The Community Council will continue to play a pivotal role in building our Kingdom and enabling the DAO overtime. The CC deserves all the credit for expanding our thinking on the Roundtable about what is possible with our community and the KP.

Decentralized Community Contributor Network

The DAO will be capable of rewarding community contributors with $DGEN based on impact to Knights of Degen, according to three pillars of value: i) Revenue Generation, ii) IP Expansion, and iii) Community engagement.

We will propose to the DAO an evaluation system that the Roundtable has been using internally for the past several months to measure impact with actual examples to illustrate:

Single: Pro-athlete jumps on the Discord (One-time, modest effort to execute, modest benefit)

Double: Season-long survivor tournament sponsor (One-time, medium effort, medium benefit)

Triple: NFT NYC event franchise (Recurring, medium effort, medium long-term benefit)

Homerun: Sandbox partnership (Recurring, high effort, high long-term benefit)

GrandSlam: Steedz (Game changer)

Ultimately, the DAO will fine tune these ideas above. And it will happen over time. What we feel strongly about is that the DAO will be funded by purse, should be expanded to touch virtually all aspects of the Kingdom, and should compensate our amazing community contributors for their ideas and efforts with the token. We look forward to working with the community to realize this collective vision.

KoD Media Network

KoD is establishing a decentralized, community-led, media network of the metaverse. Contributors will be incentivized and rewarded with our token. Initially focused on sports and Web3 content, members of the Knight community will be provided the opportunity to leverage the KoD production team and services to launch their own content series.

Areas of content focus will be:

Sports & Entertainment — We’re off and running with our initial anchor programs; “The Analytics Say”, “Cynthia’s Court”, and “Knicks Knight”.

NFT Lifestyle — “Knight Shift” explores the world of KoD.

Web3 Education — In partnership with the MetaCollective DAO, we intend to offer “Knight School” to athletes to learn the ins and outs of NFTs and Web3.

Knights Festivities

Contests & Events

If something meaningful is happening in the world of sports, entertainment, or NFTs, the Knights will be there, either virtually with a contest, or IRL, or both. Contests will be free to enter, take tournament form, and winning Knights will be rewarded with custom NFT Goblets with partner benefits. (Did you know tournaments were popularized in medieval times? Of course they were…)

Goblets will be a permanent fixture in the Knights ecosystem, and recognized in our overall tokenomics.

Be ready for March Madness. Knights will be launching a Web3-Wide bracket challenge, the first of its kind, in partnership with a premiere sportsbook, on the v1 of the Knights Tournament App (referenced below).

You can see the full contest and event calendar here.

KoD Ventures

FCF Knights of Degen Team

We own a fan controlled football team! We will build a winning franchise and a valuable business out of our team. Expect various opportunities for community members to participate in the development of our organization, starting with our recently voted in community scouting team in preparation for the draft. Time for a championship!

Wagmi United European Futbol Club

We are investors, advisors and partners for the upcoming Wagmi United European futbol club. Without revealing too much, the entity is in late stage discussions to acquire a team in the EFL2 division. The goal is to move to EFL1, then to Championship League and ultimately to the Premier League within 6 years. More details to come, but for now, know we are in!

Knights Tournament App

We’re going to build an app that makes it easy to pop-up tournaments and engage in our contests. We think it’s going to be a thing for Knights and all of Web3…

Knights Merch

Gear up. One of one custom Knight merch is around the corner. Expect surprise and delight free to claim drops, Blake designed merch and a larger selection of standard KoD branded options throughout the year. Limited edition jerseys. Smoking jackets. Dope degen jawnz on the way.

Knights Eatz & Drinkz

KoD will be launching our own branded food and beverage product line. The community will play an intricate part of creating our food brand, from the locations sold, to the branding, to the menu. Also, expect a special taste test in NY with our partner kitchen. KoD Foodz will be available for order in select cities and targeting in-person at the FCF arena in Atlanta, GA. Time for the tavern to feast.

In closing…

LFG ⚔️

It should be said, this roadmap represents The Roundtable’s current plans for The Kingdom. Things can change quickly in this space, and we will undoubtedly need to adapt to do what’s best for the KoD community. As such, the plans, goals and objectives outlined above may not happen on time…or at all. But you can expect honest and candid communication from The Roundtable throughout the process.

You can see all these initiatives in timeline order on our roadmap graphic.

Learn more about Knights of Degen and how to join here.

Truly yours,

The Roundtable

For Reference: Roadmap 1.0