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Steedz Stampede

April 1, 2022

A highly anticipated new character from the Knights of Degen will be racing into the Kingdom on April 12th. Introducing, Steedz!

(If you’re unfamiliar with Knights of Degen, and our plans for building a sports & entertainment Kingdom in the metaverse, check us out here.)

Steedz are 4,444 NFT Degen horses who live for competition. Known as the great athletes of the Kingdom, their speed and strength are unparalleled. These traits are often on full display at the Degen Arena, amongst Knights and fellow Steedz at the Degen Tavern, and on the battlefield against the Proods. While Steedz blaze their own trail, they always welcome a Knight by their side. Pairing of Steedz and Knights unlocks special capabilities when traversing the Kingdom.

All Steedz are unique and programmatically generated from over 435 traits. Steedz will arrive in Stablez, with some Stablez having heightened tiers: Better = Elite, or Best = Legendary. Elevated Stablez will guarantee a minimum trait rarity you can receive on your Steedz.

Steedz are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Ownership of a Steedz NFT gives full commercial rights to that character. See our licensing agreement for more info.


The King and Queen are honored to welcome Steedz to the Kingdom. This legendary tribe of warriors are known for their speed, strength and love of competition. No stranger to battle, Steedz have seen their fair share of fighting against the Proods and their bounty hunters. It’s why only 4,444 Steedz exist, and why it’s time for them to join forces with the greatest Kingdom in the land. With Knights and Steedz as allies, the Proods position in the galaxy just became much weaker.

Steedz are experienced guides, granting access to every corner of the Kingdom. This is an invaluable skill in a universe full of treasures, as well as threats. They have a proud history of roaming free and playing second fiddle to none. They can walk on two legs and are masters of a wide range of things Knights love, including poker, boxing, trash-talking and of course… horseshoes. Through their many travels to faraway lands, Steedz have gained great knowledge, collected wild outfits, and even wilder stories — which they will happily share with you if you buy them a pint at the Degen Tavern.

Utility & Benefits

  • Access to the KoD Kingdom
  • Metaverse Land: The Kingdom has special lands, only accessible with Steedz, and said lands are believed to hold treasure and safe haven
  • Accelerated Benefits: Steedz, when paired with a Knight, establish a parlay, providing accelerated benefits for future character and token drops
  • Exclusive tournaments & contests: Certain tournaments and games are only accessible with Steedz
  • Exclusive merch and events


Knights-Only Pre-Mint: Tuesday 4/12

Public Mint: Thursday 4/14

Reveal: Friday 4/15

You ready to saddle up?

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